Health Office

Judy Bendickson
K-12 Nurse
Braham Area Schools 
Becky Hesselroth
K-12 Nurse
Braham Area Schools 

Our Health Office administers medications and treatments while providing first-aid solution to ensure that all students are healthy and ready to learn. 

Elementary School (320) 396-5175
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High School (320) 396-5210

For a Prescription Medication Form click here.

For an Over the Counter Medication Form click here.

Flu symptom screening tool for parents and caregivers Form click here.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Form click here

Immunizations- Are Your Kids Ready? Form Click here.

Impetigo Fact Sheet: Click Here

Lice Fact Sheet: Click here.

Mononucleosis Fact Sheet: Click Here

Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis Fact Sheet: Click here.

Respiratory Infections Fact Sheet: Click Here

Scabies. Form click here

Strep Throat. Form click here