Welcome Back Fall 2022                                          

Letter from Superintendent
Welcome Back Presentation

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                                               Teacher Information                                              

                                                 Safety Information                                                

                                       Transportation Information                                       

Click HERE for PowerPoint for Type III Van Driver Training
Click HERE  to review District Policy #709 Student Transportation Safety Policy
Bus/Van Fillable Request


Supervisor will approve/disapprove and forward to Jim Sward

Complete Google form (Building and Grounds Request) found in shared files and send to your immediate supervisor

You may ask your supervisor to check the progress

                                            Contracts/Seniority List                                          

Click to view BEA Teacher's Contract
Click to view Custodian Groundskeeper 2020-2023 Contract
Click to view Paraprofessional-Secretary 2020-2023 Contract
Click to view Food Service2020-2023 Contract
Support Staff Seniority List

                                                 Staff Development                                                 


                            Return To Work Program Documents                            

Most of you will not need these documents, but since the SafeSchool message you received to review the Return to Work Program mentions these Appendices, we will make them available here for you to look at.
Click to view Workplace Injury Checklist
Click to view Return to Work Program Information
Click to view fillable First Report of Injury

Click to view RTW Appendix C - Transitional Work Task List 
Click to view RTW Appendix D - Transitional Job Letter
Click to view RTW Appendix E- Letter to Treating Physician
Click to view RTW Appendix F - Program Administrator Checklist
Click to view RTW Appendix G - Supervisor Checklist
Click to view RTW - Appendix H - Employee Checklist
Click to view RTW Appendix I- Transitional Work Log
Click to view RTW Appendix J- Annual Review
Click to view RTW Appendix K - Training Record for RTW Program